Minutes of the December 27th 2011 Executive Committee Meeting – RRBA

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Date: 27-December-2011
Location: Conference Call

Anne Zeneski, Secretary / Treasurer RRBA
Published: 2-January-2012


The meeting was conducted via conference call. After determining a quorum was present, Gene Addesso, RRBA Vice President and Acting RRBA President. opened the meeting at 7:00 PM by welcoming the attending members.

The following were in attendance: Gene Addesso, Anne Zeneski, Judge Manning, Scott Murray, John Lindsay, John Ryan, Andrew Lester, and Olga Kolotushkina


  • Judge gave an update on Harold Carawan – recovering slowly – we all wish Harold a speedy recovery and a Happy New Year.
  • The amount of money currently in our checking account is $911.00 which does not include the $10,000 Gable contribution or the $1,000 from other contributor.
  • The Gable contribution is to be used for insurance premiums, the Danville office, and the uranium project.
  • Anne Zeneski stated she needs a copy of the insurance policy for our files – Judge Manning stated we need a Certificate of Insurance. Andrew Lester will contact the Insurance Co. in that regard.
  • Scott reported he sent Anne Zeneski forms to establish EDI for electronic transfer
    of money from Virginia Tobacco.
  • Scott reported that several vendors were selected to work on the Blueways Project. Scott will email Anne Zeneski the details of the awards.
  • Scott reported the Upper Reach has applied for a grant of $45K from Tobacco
  • Scott reported he is working with Virginia Tourism for funding – while they will
    not advance funds, they will refund expenses once invoices/cancelled checks are submitted. Scott asked RRBA to cover the advance, up to $2,000. Judge stated we should pay the bill, copy the bill along with the check, make an extra copy and send everything to the reimbursing agency. Gene stated that we will then proceed with that procedure.
  • Scott – proposed a resolution for the RRBA to “accept interim responsibility for
    the piers and launch facilities along certain stretches of the Blueways”. – We
    need to make sure we have adequate insurance coverage – Judge pointed out key
    needs for the policy – someone needs to review our situation and advise what
    our potential liability is – Gene appointed Andrew Lester to get with insurance
    company person to make sure we are covered.
    Judge stated – each specific
    location will probably need additional coverage from the insurance company.
    Judge also stated the Duke lawyers and a CPA should look at it and advise us.
  • Gene reported we still owe Dr. Moran money but did not state how much. Olga
    will be forwarding all of the three invoices from Dr. Moran.
  • The Virginia Coalition – want to become part of the RRBA – We have already received a $1,000.00 contribution for this effort. Gene advised that the check be deposited and funds held the outcome of the organizational details. Gene is still working the details of this……… more to come. Gene will set up another conference to follow up on these issues possibly as early as next week.

*Note: Action items are underlined.


  • none


  • With no further business to discuss, the meeting ended without objection.


  • The next executive committee meeting will be announced by Andrew Lester.